5 local Va’ad-certified companies you’ve probably never heard of


TMI Graphic by Harrison Feld

The Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle is the main kosher certification company of the Pacific Northwest. Although an independent nonprofit, the Va’ad maintains national kashrut standards through the Orthodox Union (OU). The Va’ad also handles conversion, divorce, and other halachic issues that require a Beit Din (Jewish legal court). The following five companies are all local, mostly wholesale products that feature the iconic SpaceNeedle-K symbol. Look out for them at your local supermarket!

Basson Bakery

All varieties of this Lynnwood based pita company are Va’ad certified (Pas Yisroel) and baked daily. Featuring simple, clean ingredients, the company mainly supplies “health conscious” retail distributors. These authentic pitot are sure to take your Yom Ha’atzmaut “mangal” (BBQ) to the next level.

Twin Brook Creamery 

You’ve probably recognized Twin Brook Creamery’s unique glass packaging at upscale supermarkets like PCC, Metropolitan Market, or Whole Foods. This local dairy farm based in Lynden, WA, creates a variety of dairy beverages in beautiful classic glass jugs, and they have a variety of Seattle Va’ad certified products as well! According to the Va’ad, even without the Va’ad symbol, the company’s eggnog, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, half & half, cream, and plain milk are all kosher (chalav stam). 

Franco Fish Salmon Roe 

This Tacoma caviar producer has been making high quality, locally sourced caviar since 1979. The Seattle Va’ad certifies their “Sujiko” (brined salmon skein roe) and “Ikuru” (loose salmon roe), the perfect additions to homemade poke bowls, or as unique toppings for sushi night. 

Rose Hill Enterprises

Based in Portland Oregon, Rose Hill Enterprises produces ginger products. Their brand “Chinrose Ginger Products” features Va’ad-certified crystalized ginger and ginger in syrup form. 

Snowy River Cocktail Products

Snowy River produces a variety of cocktail decoration products to turn ordinary drinks into showcase pieces at events, restaurants, or even at home. They operate out of Bellingham, and the Va’ad certifies all of their cocktail sugars and sugar blends, cocktail glitters, cocktail salt, and beverage coloring.