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Discover NYHS’s Newest Clubs

D&D club on Thursday’s

This year’s school clubs have experienced an amazing return to extracurricular life, with fun new opportunities and excited teacher advisers along with students who want to get involved in extracurricular activities. Students are in for a fun and enriching experience, from the Ladino Club to the Chassidus Club and more.

These are the new NYHS clubs.

Ladino Club

The Ladino Club drew its inspiration from the Katz Yeshiva High School Ladino Club in Florida. The club was established with a vision to encourage the Sephardic Jewish heritage, looking over the Ladino language Solitreo script. Solitreo refers to the Hebrew-based cursive script once used by Sephardim; it is the cursive variety of the Rashi alphabet. Every Wednesday at 6 pm, the club convenes on Zoom, joining with students from KYHS. The meetings consist of comprehensive Ladino lessons led by Aaron Shapiro, a Ladino language instructor, and discussions about expanding the club’s influence across other communities. In December, they are planning to go to New York City and attend the International Sephardic Community Gala, which is an event dedicated to building the next generation of Sephardic life. 

Dungeons and Dragons Club 

The Dungeons and Dragons Club at NYHS is a unique mix of adventure and education, thanks to Mrs. Tali Rothstien. The club meets every Wednesday during lunch to play. However, they add a fascinating twist to the classic version of D&D. Mrs. Rothstien uses the game’s original system to teach the members about the history of the Jews living in Spain in 1492, the year they were expelled. In this modified version, the traditional game characters are replaced with roles that have historical significance. Each of the characters have different quests to conquer and different choices to make.  The club not only fuels imagination but also gives valuable lessons about important periods in history. Junior Amiel Robickeck expresses his experience by saying, “it’s very interesting, it’s a great way to learn about Spanish inquisition.” 

Chassidus Club

The Chassidus Club owes its revival to the devoted efforts of senior Hannah Klinghoffer. Originally initiated by Max Kutepov (’23) last year, the club lost some momentum after Kutepov graduated until Klinghoffer took charge. The club’s main goal is to delve into the profound teachings of Tanya, which is an early work of Hasidic philosophy by Rabbi Shneur Zalman, founder of Chabad Hasidism. “Tanya is great; we’re lucky to even have that to learn,” Klinghoffer said. “It’s a privilege for us.” With guidance from Rabbi Yechezkel Kornfeld of Island Synagogue, the club offers an opportunity to strengthen their connection to Judiasim, especially during challenging times. 

Grashin Owen Memorial Club

The Grashin Owen Memorial Club, founded by Ariana Balkany, is a heartfelt tribute to Ari Grashin and Sam Owen, z”l, who both tragically lost their lives to brain cancer at a young age. The club’s mission is to bring the community together in support of children and families facing illnesses. They meet on Thursdays during lunch discussing organizing activities, fundraising initiatives, and hospital visits to Seattle’s Children Hospital. The club will provide children with books, toys, and games. The club plans to arrange fun sessions full of activities and just spend quality time together. Their ultimate goal is to bring joy to the children and make a positive impact in their lives. As Balkany says, “You brighten kids’ days, and there’s nothing better than that.”   

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