TAPN joins NYHS for the Spring Classic Flag Football Shabbaton


This year, for the first time, the NYHS boys will compete in the Spring Classic Flag Football Shabbaton in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by Atlanta Jewish Academy. Boys from both NYHS and Torah Academy of the Pacific Northwest, a small Seattle boys Jewish high school, are coming together to play in the tournament. 

Mrs. Hannah Hason has been coordinating and will be bringing the boys to the Shabbaton because she is passionate about football. She heard about the Shabbaton through Head of school Mr. Jason Feld, who received an email about it from an organizer. “I organized everything and reserved the fields,” said Hason. “I wanted it to happen.” 

This is the first event or activity that TAPN and NYHS have come together for. “Before, NYHS didn’t really have enough boys to play, so it was an amazing opportunity for the boys from TAPN to join as they are orthodox boys, so they should go on and participate,” said Hason. NYHS hired Shimon Gamel, an NYHS alumnus, to coach the boys. Yehonatan Rothstein, Daniel Negrin, Hami Levy, Joe Gamel, Sephi Alhadeff, Josh Benezra, Joe Benoliel, Sol Levy, Ruben Owen and Evan Kaufthal are participating. 

To raise funds for the trip, sponsors can donate days of learning at the school. The team was able to get a couple of other sponsorships, according to Hason. Dr. Levy, a local dermatologist and the father of Hami and Sol Levy, did a business sponsorship for the jerseys. His logo will be on the jerseys. 

Having a small team is tough, said Hami Levy, but he believes that the boys will do well. “Everyone’s improving and their catching and running in their team chemistry,” he said. Levy is excited to see other Jewish kids and to be competing with other teams. “Even if we lose, it’s going to be a great bonding experience seeing other kids in the same grades.”

Every team is guaranteed to play two games on Friday and at least one on Sunday. The Shabbaton will also be packed with sports-focused programming. 

The boys have been practicing every day after school. “They have lots of skill,” said Gamel. “They are a good group of kids and they play well together. I’m excited to see how they play.” 

Hami Levy is thankful to Hason for reaching out to TAPN. He said, “It’s good bonding and very fun playing with the boys from NYHS.”