December Lion of the Month: Merav Frank


The December Lion of the Month is Merav Frank, a senior. Frank has been a student at NYHS since January of her junior year. She came to NYHS from Interlake High School, a public school in Bellevue, because she was looking for a different environment, especially after Covid-19 hit. 

Since she moved here, she sees that NYHS is a nice school with a great community. “It’s cool that everyone knows each other. I think the classes are very engaging and they can be very interactive,” Frank said.  She is the senior representative of the NYHS Student Council. She enjoys being part of the student council and helping prepare town halls and planning senior fundraising. 

During the summer, Frank worked as a camp counselor at the Stroum Jewish Community Center. There, she worked with kids mostly ranging from ages four to six. “It was fun and they were very cute,” Frank said. She also took time during the summer to spend time with her family and do activities with them, such as hiking. 

Frank was a member of the NYHS cross-country team along with three other runners during its season, which ended in late October. “I really liked it,” she said. “We had a small team so we were all very friendly and worked together and were supportive of each other.” Since the season ended, she’s had a lot of free time that she spends babysitting, going to the gym, and cooking food such as stir fry, fried rice, and soups. 

Frank doesn’t believe she will be doing a gap year next year and instead will hopefully be attending the University of Washington. She has already applied to all the colleges she hopes to attend in-state including the University of Washington, UW Bothell, Washington State University, and Western Washington University. She hopes to become a doctor and is eager to attend medical school. “Because the medical field takes so long, I want to save as much time as I can,” Frank said. If she does not attend the University of Washington, she plans to attend UW Bothell.