January Lion of the Month: Benjy Weiss


This Month’s lion is Benjy Weiss who is currently a freshman. Weiss picked NYHS for high school because of the NYHS community. Weiss believes that “a small school size creates a good environment.” He appreciates the number of students at NYHS as well as the entire student body. His favorite class at NYHS is Advanced Tanach with Rabbi Bernie Fox. “Rabbi Fox is a very experienced teacher, so he’s very good at conveying ideas and content,” Weiss feels he is gaining valuable knowledge in Rabbi Fox’s class. In Tanach class, Weiss has been studying the sin of Korach’s rebellion. Weiss’s elective for this semester is weightlifting with NYHS Athletic Director Ashford Jackson. He enjoys seeing his progress in terms of how much weight he can lift over time. Weiss is a member of the NYHS basketball team and loves it. “It builds teamwork and responsibility,” he explained. Weiss is often the Gabbai at NYHS during the week. Weiss likes it because he feels it connects him more to Hashem. In his spare time after school, he enjoys playing basketball and virtual reality (VR). His goals for this year are to become more responsible and to further develop his Judaic skills.