NYHS AD found a love of coaching through volunteering


Ashford Jackson is the athletic director of NYHS and coach for the boys’ basketball team. Coach Jackson is originally from Phoenix, AZ, and came to NYHS in the fall of 2021. His coaching experience includes Ingraham High School and volunteering as a coach in Arizona. 

Jackson enjoys the change from moving from Phoenix to Seattle. “I got a lot of sun back in my younger days growing up,” he said. “I wanted to go somewhere where there’s multiple seasons, instead of it being hot all the time.”

Jackson originally wanted to work in the business field, but after volunteering and working with kids in nonprofit organizations back in Arizona, it made him feel that he “positively impacted the children,” so he wanted to continue working with kids. 

“I knew that this place was something special and different from the traditional public schools that I was working in previously,” he said. Jackson explained that NYHS is a more private and tight-knit community than other schools he’s been in. “I love how grounded NYHS is and how the school always looks out and cares for everyone,” he said. 

Jackson likes NYHS because of the sports opportunity as an administrator and coach. He loves coaching the boys basketball team and being with them at the games. “It feels like you’re thinking a thousand miles an hour,” he said. “It’s a rush.” Jackson loves the thrill when the team executes all the game plays according to how they practiced. Although there are a lot of things to worry about during the basketball games, such as the tactics the team members need to execute, Jackson feels amazing about the team and how they play and represent NYHS. 

In his spare time, Jackson enjoys hiking, playing music, attending art shows and seeing performing arts at Seattle Symphony. He plays the piano, and guitar and loves to sing. He loves all music, especially soul, R&B, alternative, classical, and acoustic music.

A fun fact about Coach Jackson is that he is also a chef. He knows how to cook various dishes and especially enjoys cooking Italian cuisine. He learned by attending cooking classes at PCC here in Seattle. “Cooking just takes my mind off of stress and worries and I just go with it,” Jackson said.