New NYHS math teacher disliked math until she found the right resources

Meet NYHS’s new math teacher


It might be surprising that the math teacher at NYHS was not always a fan of math. 

All her life, Charlene Parrales felt like she didn’t have the right resources to succeed in math class. However, in college, Parrales was a biology major and needed to take a statistics class, which changed her view on the subject. Later, she changed her major to mathematics at California State University Northridge. “I had a teacher that was really understanding and helpful and I hope to be the same supporter I had,” Parrales said.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Parrales moved to Seattle because of her partner’s job as a software engineer. This past year, Parrales worked part-time as a math director at Derech Emunah, an all-girls Jewish school in Seward Park, for a semester. She left because she wanted to work full time. 

Parrales found herself this year at NYHS because of the work environment. “The minute I stepped foot on this campus, I felt a wonderful connection with everyone I came in contact with,” she said.