New Hebrew teacher tries to connect the Jewish community to the Israeli community

 Lior Bakshitz joined NYHS because she wants to connect the Jewish community to the Israeli community and work with older kids. When asked about her thoughts regarding NYHS, Bakshitz said “I think you guys have an amazing school that really cares about your life, not just academics, and the kids in the school are amazing kids.”

Bakshitz teaches all four Hebrew classes. Originally teaching three of the Hebrew classes, she stepped up after Morah Yifat Reuvini, who taught the honors Hebrew class, had to leave for personal reasons. Before teaching, Bakshitz was a special education and math teacher. Although she is a Hebrew teacher now, she still organizes educational conferences to raise awareness for gifted children with learning disabilities.

Bakshitz grew up in Ramat HaKovesh in Israel and moved 15 years ago to Philadelphia with her husband. After a year in Philadelphia, her husband sold his start-up, Adaptmedia, and then moved to Redmond, Washington. Bakshitz has a start-up of her own, Storyly, which is for kids to communicate with their grandparents by reading books in Hebrew and playing games connected to the books.

Bakshitz says she likes the outdoor scenery and the people that live in Redmond. Bakshitz and her husband have three children; Ben (14), Naomi (11), and Dan (7). In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family, hike, take pictures, and go on runs.